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Under Pressure

Under Pressure

Elements Massage Paradise Valley

When it comes to the application of pressure in massage, it’s a completely subjective spectrum of what feels too light, what feels like too much, and what feels just right. Our massage therapists at Elements Paradise Valley studio want to ensure that your massage is the best session possible and that’s why we encourage dialog and communication. If you aren’t sure how to articulate what you are feeling, here are several pointers on getting the best massage for your individual needs:

-Unnecessary Discomfort
At no time should you ever find yourself trying to grin and bear it. While slight discomfort can be a routine portion of your time on the table, significant pain on any area of your body means you should speak up. If you have an injury, a particular sore spot, or an area of overuse, be sure to let your therapist know before starting your massage. Minimal pressure can be used to boost oxygen and blood flow to the area to help sooth the pain and set you on the path to a quicker recovery.

-Therapeutic Pain
In some instances the delivery of massage results in a bit of discomfort followed by immediate relief. These moments typically happen when a tired muscle is worked on, or a kink is kneaded out. This type of “pain” is less actually painful and more sore or tight spot followed by release.

Massage is less about hard pressure and more about the precise application of pressure and movement based on your individual body and its needs. Our therapists have solid education in anatomy and varied massage techniques to deliver the right type of massage for you.

-Keep Talking
Before your massage, during, and afterwards, you should be able to talk throughout the course of pressure. As always, be sure to openly discuss your needs with your therapist and maintain dialog throughout your massage as you see fit to ensure a satisfying and beneficial experience. 

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