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Top 5 reasons to chose us over a resort spa!

Top 5 reasons to chose us over a resort spa!

Elements Massage Paradise Valley Phoenix

While the average spa package might be suitable for a special occasion, those who are looking for tangible benefits are now seeking out the professional services of a massage therapist. The value offered by massage therapy services is highlighted within the quality of life the masseuse can help their clients to achieve with their understanding of the human body. Within this blog, we’ll highlight the key differences that make massage therapy the ideal choice for a range of massage requirements.

1)      Massage Therapy Includes Specialized Services

Massage therapists can utilize their innate understanding of connective tissue and muscle to provide specialized services to their clientele. For example, sports professionals regularly turn of massage therapists during periods of injury. Massage therapy has been shown to help alleviate muscle injuries and reduce the amount of healing time that sports players require to get back into the game they love.

Massage therapy is also utilized in by women in the pre-natal stage of pregnancy. Massage therapists have the training to minimize the back and hip pain that can be arise during the later stages of pregnancy.

2)      Massage Therapy is Available at a Lower Cost

Paradise Valley residents will find that their budget is often over-extended by trips to local spas, where companies charge for all the additional extras that would be otherwise built-in to a massage therapy treatment. By undergoing massage therapy on a regular basis, residents will find that the benefit of the service offers enduring value as it allows them to improve their quality of life.

3)      Trained Massage Therapists Offer Superior Technical Skills

Massage therapists must study the human body for years in order to gain certification within the field. They must understand the mechanisms behind each muscle function and how to alleviate muscle issues by utilizing professional techniques. This comprehensive knowledge of the human body enables massage therapists to offer each client a therapy solution that is designed uniquely for them. In addition, the expertise of massage therapists enables them to explain the medical issues to the client directly.

4)      Trained Therapists Have Appointment Flexibility

While spas only tend to offer strict packages and services, therapists tend to be more readily available at a moment’s notice to help patients alleviate pain. Local massage therapists can be contacted immediately at their clinic and can often book appointments for the same day depending on their schedule.

5)      Credentials

In order to work at a licensed massage therapy studio, therapists must first achieve their credentials within the industry. In addition to their licensing, they must have liability insurance that protects themselves, the company and the client. This provides an added layer of professionalism and offers clients a mode of recourse should they not receive the level of treatment they require.

Professional Massage Services Must Be Carried Out by Industry Specialists

Understanding the difference between the various types of massages available locally will enable clients to choose the company that offers the best level of service. To learn more about the differences between the various providers, contact our team today and speak with an on-site specialist.

Please email us at to book your next appointment to see why our clients chose our Paradise Valley/Phoenix studio for their massages!


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