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The Complementary Pairing of Yoga and Massage

The Complementary Pairing of Yoga and Massage

Elements Massage Paradise Valley

Massage therapy is all about taking a non-medicinal approach to mind and body wellness. It is a practice based on the belief that a person can treat a multitude of ailments through concentrated physical stimulation of the skin, muscles, and joints that leads to long term health rather than short term relief from symptoms. While it can work miracles on its own, massage is best used holistically as part of a complete mind and body wellness practice combined with healthy eating and regular exercise. In terms of physical activity, there are very few options like yoga that complement massage therapy’s unique benefits so perfectly. 

Massage is well known for its ability to improve flexibility and as an important component in the healing of muscle and joint injuries. This is due in part to the enhanced lymph system functioning that massage promotes as well as its ability to stimulate the nervous system to help the body “feel” better and thus recover faster. It is also recognized as a strong restorative and relaxing activity that can help bring mental awareness to a number of issues that cause physical discomfort like poor posture, unfocused breathing, and chronic stress.

Yoga functions in much the same way by leading an individual into a series of poses that stimulate internal healing of organs, muscles, and joints. Essentially it is a form of “self massage” that combines deep stretches for improved flexibility, chest opening poses for increased breath awareness, and relaxing poses that help mind slow down and become more conscious of its connection to the body. Much like massage, the results of regular yoga practice can be: 

  • Improved circulatory health
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Protection from injury
  • Weight reduction
  • Improved athletic performance 

Massage and yoga are great complements in working to completely restructure an unbalanced mind and body connection. Consider adopting this ultimate health and stress management practice by periodically attending a yoga class, immediately followed by a wonderfully relaxing massage.


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