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“Pre-Pampering”: Set Your Next Session Up for Success with These Five Pre-Massage Practices

“Pre-Pampering”: Set Your Next Session Up for Success with These Five Pre-Massage Practices

Elements Massage Paradise Valley

A great massage is built on more than just a comfy massage table. Here are five steps that you can take before your next appointment to help ensure that you leave the studio feeling relaxed and refreshed:

1. Eat Lightly

An hour or two before your massage appointment is not the time to devour a three-course meal. After all, having a full stomach while your massage therapist presses into your back isnt very enjoyable or relaxing. Instead, if youre hungry, opt for a light snack about an hour before your session. This will keep your stomach and your blood sugar levels happy until your massage is over.

2. Take a Shower

Prep for relaxation by taking a warm shower before your massage. That way, youll feel relaxed even before your body settles onto the table. This practice is especially important if you plan to exercise before your session. Wash away the sweat and dirt to give your massage therapist a clean palette to work with.

3. Limit Yourself to Sips

If you wouldnt want to suffer a full stomach during a massage, you certainly wouldnt want to have a full bladder, either. Limit yourself to sips of water in the hour leading up to your massage.

4. Avoid Alcohol

And make sure that it is water that youre sipping. It is a misconception that having a glass or two of wine before a massage will aid in the relaxation process. Because massage increases circulation, any alcohol that you consume pre-massage will reach your blood more quickly and forcefully than usual. Rather than leaving you feeling pleasantly tipsy, the wine-massage combo will likely make you a little queasy.

5. Be Upfront

It is important that you inform your massage therapist of any and all medical conditions that you have before your massage begins. This will aid him or her in deciding how to give you the best massage possible. If you know that you are allergic to any lotions or oils that may be used during your massage, the best time to let your massage therapist know is before the session begins.

The quality of the massage that you receive depends a lot on the effort that you put in during the hours leading up to your appointment. As a result, a little bit of intentionality beforehand will go a long way in making your next session a success.

The talented massage therapists at Elements Massage will make pre-massage prep worth your while. If your next massage isnt in the books yet, call us at (480) 483-1123.

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