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For All Ages: How Massage Can Help

For All Ages: How Massage Can Help

Elements Massage Paradise Valley Phoenix

Touch is a powerful tool rooted in a rich history of tradition. Throughout the ages, many different cultures have utilized the power of touch and massage for many different reasons. From relieving stress, pain and anxiety, to boosting the proper functions of the body, massage is an asset that many different people are drawn to. 

In terms of the physical needs of the body, massage plays an important part but it also plays a role that’s more difficult to understand and has more to do with the emotional aspect of touch.  Although harder to document through studies, the feeling of being more connected, happier, and creating a stronger sense of well-being are all said to result from regular massage treatment.

As massage becomes more commonplace in medical communities, hospitals, and clinics as a valid form of treatment, it is receiving more recognition for its ability to address a range of afflictions from mental to physical ailments. After all, skin is the largest organ in our bodies so it makes sense that by paying special attention to this surface area, everything in the subsurface will be greatly affected as well. 

For all ages, harnessing the power of touch can have positive benefits. For example: 

-Babies and Toddlers
Since touch is one of the earliest forms of communication, it is incredibly important in establishing a healthy and positive parent/child relationship. This type of nonverbal connection between humans is discovered and explored via touch. Parent/child massage is also a great way to help babies develop mental skills and adjust to life outside the womb. 

-Teens and Young Adults
The adolescent years can be an extremely trying period of time. Teenagers are often frequently hindered by societal inhibitions and awkwardness so touch is infrequent. Since touch is linked to sexuality, there can also be extra emphasis on that with healthy, socially acceptable touch often ignored. 


As an often marginalized community, senior citizens benefit from massage through healthy touch. In aging adults, massage is said to promote positive emotional and physical feelings especially when a spouse has passed away or they are less connected to their extended families than they used to be.



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