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Exploring the Hygge

Exploring the Hygge

It may be a familiar concept to you, Hygge is a Danish idea that believes in leaning into that cozy feeling of contentment surrounding the simple things in life. Think hot cocoa, soft sweaters, curling up by the fire with a great book and so on. This fall and winter, get to know this novel idea and find ways to embrace it in your life.

Basic Information
The warm and cozy lifestyle of hygge first appeared in Danish culture around the 1800s. The name itself is derived from the Norwegian word for well-being. More than just a noun or adjective, Hygge is a way of life. Recently, it’s been gaining steam stateside. Here are a few of our favorite concepts involved in the Hygge way:

You know when you pop into the grocery store in the pants that you don’t want to run into anyone in. Those beloved sweatpants that have witnessed plenty of Netflix marathons are known in Hygge circles as Hyggebukser. That’s right, your sweats now have a fancy name, and an excuse to be embraced and unashamed.

This word describes a cozy nook. We like to picture a sofa corner, a bench in the sun where you take your morning cup of coffee, a reading nook where you curl up with a blanket on the weekends and relax, whatever the space you prefer, this word is your favorite, safe, and comfortable space.

You know how everyone rushes out to buy seasonal candles once the fall and winter hits. Well, there’s a good reason: atmosphere. The Hygge category of Hyggelig refers to the actions that you take to make your home environment welcoming. Soft lamps, delicious candles, warm cookies, you name it.

Let us help you lean into your Hygge by finding the things that bring you joy. A therapeutic and relaxing massage is one of the best ways to unwind and nurture your mind and body connection. Not to mention, it’s pretty Hygge of you to give yourself some needed love and care.

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