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Carpal Tunnel Relief

Carpal Tunnel Relief

Elements Massage Paradise Valley

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an issue revolving around inflammation and the entrapment of nerves in the wrist and hand areas. Most often accompanied by numbness and tingling in the hands, as well as pain when grasping or carrying objects, this condition stems from repetitive motions associated with strains or overuse.

The carpal tunnel is actually the passage that travels from your forearm, through your wrist, and into the palm of your hand that contains nine tendons and a median nerve. When experiencing inflammation due to thyroid problems, diabetes, pregnancy, arthritis, obesity, or overuse, your nerves can get pinched in the tunnel causing the pins-and-needles sensation or numbness.

There are many different approaches to massage techniques that can help deliver relief for those suffering from this condition. By concentrating on relaxing the muscles and tissues in your hands, wrists, and neck area, massage is a great non-invasive approach to treating the symptoms and reducing inflammation.

Other hand pain attributed to arthritis, tendonitis, and tennis elbow are all good candidates to reap the benefits of massage as a non-pharmacological approach. The long term care of severe carpal tunnel sufferers can be wrist splinting and even surgery if not taken care of.

With massage, the pressure and application of movement that focuses on the myofascial and connective tissues that make up the hand and wrist areas, many clients say that they achieve a sense of relief after just one session. As a longer term strategy, talk to your doctor and massage therapist about how you should go about improving your posture, work habits, and boosting relaxation so you can heal back to health and get on track to function without pain!

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