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Are you ready for a NEW YOU in this New Year???

Are you ready for a NEW YOU in this New Year???

Elements Massage Paradise Valley

Some people start the New Year off with a bang after making strict resolutions and promises to themselves, only to falter midway through the month and completely abandon their goals by the end of January.  Does this cycle sound familiar to you?

At Elements Massage Paradise Valley, we think that it’s important to take a more holistic approach to your goals and this means setting yourself up for success instead of failure. One way to ensure a great year is to take care of yourself and those around you. Yes, it’s not the traditional “no sugar,” or “run everyday” type of resolution but it’s a great one that engages you to live a more meaningful and intentional life.

Instead of one centralized focus, incorporate a wider perspective into your goal setting. By cultivating, rejuvenating, and developing your energies, we think you’ll notice a difference across many areas of your life like work, family, friends, personal interests and more. Below are two categories that we encourage you to incorporate into your actions for the year. 

Feed Your Physical and Emotional Self

By giving your mind and body a positive environment, you can directly support a happy and healthy lifestyle. Try getting more sleep, drinking a few extra glasses of water each day, surrounding yourself with positive people and influences, eating a few extra vegetables, or finding at least five minutes of alone time each and everyday to help your mind re-focus and balance. Seek out regular massages, routine walks in nature, meandering trips through the bookstores, or intermittent self-imposed technology blackouts to help you keep and stay in touch with matters that you value. 

Take Action: Make a Difference

Another satisfying and ongoing accomplishment that is also a wonderful and enriching experience is to volunteer somewhere for a cause here locally in Arizona. Lending a hand to a cause can help fuel your ability to see the world as a larger place and draw you out of your own work/life stresses a bit. By taking care of someone beside yourself, you can deepen and enhance your overall health and wellness.

These above actions are not really resolutions but avenues of contribution, both to yourself and to those around you. Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone you knew tried them out for 2014?

Allow us to help you make 2014 healthy and happy!  Please contact us to schedule an appointment at our conveniently located Paradise Valley/Scottsdale studio! We can be reached online, by calling 480-483-1123 or instead email us at

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