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When To Get A Full Body Massage And When Not To

When To Get A Full Body Massage And When Not To

What brings most people to massage is a specific area of pain and discomfort, or an overall relaxation experience. For those who have that specific area of pain, the question might come up whether or not to get a full body massage or only to get that one area worked on. The answer to that question is not simple, it depends on your time, your therapist, and if there is anything else going on in your body. 

Length of Massage Time

If you can only get in for a 30 minute massage, skip the full body! When you are on the massage table for a limited amount of time, you want the therapist to focus on your specific problem area. The therapist simply will not have time to do the full body for you. However, if you lengthen your session to a 60 minute session it becomes possible to do a full body, and work on the specific areas. If you are looking to combine a full body massage with specific work I would highly recommend scheduling a 90 minute session. This allows for enough time to work on each part of the body fully, as well as addressing the problem area for a necessary amount of time. When we have specific problem areas in our body, sometimes the area that is causing the problem might not be what it seems. If you have the time to get a full body massage and get your specific work done, you will see the best results. For example, the hip flexor muscle can be the cause of low back pain, and a tight chest can cause pain in the mid and upper back. When we allow ourselves time to relax the tension in our whole body, our overall pain will go down as well.

Your Massage Therapist's Training For The Specific Problem You Experience Matters

At Elements we emphasize getting clients matched with the best therapist for what you need to get out of your session. Each therapist has a different training, style and talent. Therefore, when you call to book your appointment our SCSS staff helps you with getting booked with the best therapist for what you are looking to get out of your session. For example, if you have headaches, we would get you booked with a therapist that specializes in headaches; if you have knots we will get you scheduled with a therapist skilled in trigger point; if you are looking for relaxation, we will get you booked with a relaxation therapist. Furthermore, when discovering whether or not you want to get a full body for your specific problem area, we need to know a little bit about your therapists training. If the therapist is a relaxation therapist, we want you to get a full body massage because they might not have the training or technique to work on one area for a full hour. However, with a therapist with training in trigger point, myofascial release, or sports massage then the therapist would most likely be equipped to massage a specific problem are for a longer period of time. If the therapist specializes in pain relief, the therapist may be able to work on the specific area for a long period of time, however, the source of pain in the body may be coming from a different location than you think. Therefore, they may end up working on several different parts of the body for optimal relief from pain. 

When There Is More Than One Issue Happening In Your Body Get A Full Body

When there is more than one issue in the body, we must treat and heal the whole body. If there are several ailments in the body, the aim becomes to help the body restore balance. In order to do that, it is important to address every part of the body in turn. If you really wanted work done on a specific area, and are having several health problems, then I would highly recommend dedicating 90 minutes of your time for your health with massage. 


Ultimately, if you have the time, go for the full body massage. If you really want to have a specific area worked on for a longer period of time, schedule for a 90 minute massage so the therapist has enough time to address each part of the body in turn. You may think that one area of is causing pain, but it could be caused by a different part of the body. It is important to find balance within the whole body. Neglecting one area and paying attention too closely to another area can cause problems in itself. Our front desk staff will be happy to assist you in booking with the perfect match with one of our highly trained and liscensed massage therapists. 

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