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Slow Down This Summer

Jul 4, 2017 Wellness

5 Ways to Slow Down Your Summer  July 3, 2017 With May we entertain summer visions of lazy days spent reading, swimming, and relaxing, and before we know it the summer has passed by in a flurry of activities and social engagements.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could slow things down a little this summer? That’s why we’ve come up with the...

Start the New Year with Authenticity

Kathleen McIntire Dec 7, 2016 Massage Therapist

Nine tips that can transform an ordinary life to an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE!

Do things for yourself! Get a MASSAGE at Elements Massage Mequon.

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Massage is good for those who exercise

AMTA Nov 13, 2016 Massage Therapist

Studies have shown that there are many benefits of massage for persons who exercise

Seasons Change - 3 Ways to Deal with Aches and Pains Associated with Cold Weather

Elements Massage Oct 2, 2016 Massage Therapist

Seasons Change- 3 Ways to Deal with Cold Weather

3 Steps you can take to aleviate aches and pain that come with cold weather

It’s getting colder! How are you getting through these winter months?

Jan 17, 2018 Wellness News

There are two different kinds of people: those that love the winter and all it has to offer and those that are comfortable with hibernating until Spring arrives. Which one are you?

5 Common Myths About Deep Tissue Massage

Jan 15, 2018 Massage Therapist

Do you have knots in your shoulders? Chronic low back pain? Specific areas of tension or gripping? If so, deep tissue massage might be the right kind of massage for you to receive. Deep tissue massage helps to relieve pain, and helps to manipulate the deeper tissues in the body. Many people when they think of a deep tissue massage might think of a somewhat painful and uncomfortable massage with deep pressure. Is it true? Check out these 5 common myths about deep tissue massage:

What is Myofascial Release?

Jan 10, 2018 Wellness News

Experiencing back pain? Carpel tunnel? What about migraines? Myofascial release may be able to help.

Mess Equals Stress - How to Declutter for Increased Peace of Mind

Jan 3, 2018 Wellness News

They say, "tidy house, tidy mind". If you spend your time in a cluttered space, chances are you have a cluttered mind. Do, how can you declutter your life and your mind?

6 Reasons To Add Massage To Your New Years Resolution In 2018

Dec 31, 2017 Wellness

Did you know that receiving regular massage is more than just a luxury of relaxation? Did you know that getting massage regularly has real health benefits? Getting monthly massages can transform your New Years resolution, especially if it includes finding health, wellness or overall vitality. Whether your New Years resolution is to exercise more, to eat healthier, to be more productive or present, massage can help you reach you goals.

Managing Positive and Negative Stress

Dec 30, 2017 Wellness

When we hear about stress, usually we hear about about how negative it effects our lives and our bodies. However, believe it or not, not all stress is affects us negatively. There are two different kinds of stress. Eustress is positive stress. Distress is negative stress. Eustress has a positive affect on our health, relationships and life, while distress does the opposite. So how do you know which kind of stress exists in your life? How can you properly manage both?

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