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New Deep Tissue Techniques

New Deep Tissue Techniques

Jennifer Sullivan

At Elements Massage Mequon, we are all about growing our minds and our practice, so it was with great anticipation that 2 of our esteemed Massage Therapists took Eric Stephenson's Deep Tissue Made Easy seminar last week. Eric is the owner of Imassage and a consultant to Elements Massage. Eric showed our therapists 12 new techniques that illustrated how to move our clients from Stress and Strain to Ease and Flow. Some of the favorite techniques were Tibialis Posterior where the therapists learned to work with an extended leg and work behind the medial tibia.

Another technique that was a favorite was the Deltoid Reverse Slot Machine. This had the therapists flexing the client's elbow and abducting the arm to ninety degrees. The therapist stands at the head of the table and faces the client's feet. They hook their open fist or heel of inside hand into the fibers of the client's anterior deltoid and call for passive or active internal rotation. Then slowly pull the tissue inferiorly while internally rotating the client's arm with your outside hand, bringing their arm all the way to the table.

These are only 2 of the 12 techniques Cathleen and Kayla learned. Call today to schedule an appointment to reap the benefits of these new deep tissue techniques!


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