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Echinacea Tea

Echinacea Tea

Benefits of Echinacea Tea

Echinacea is a abundantly found perinneal in North America. For many centuries, people have consumed Echinacea in the form of tea to boost the immune system and fight infections, and many more healthy uses.

Drinking Echinacea tea will keep you healthy as it contains vitamins A, B-complex and E, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and sodium, among others.

This healthy tea can offer you many health benefits.

Get Your Immune System Boost

  • Echinacea tea is perfect to stimulate your immune system, as it activates T-cell renewal and the production of antibodies and interferons, known for blocking viral infection.
  • Drinking it on a daily basis allows you to strengthen your immune system and fight bacteria, fungus or viruses more easily, especially during times of stress or harsher seasons. 
  • This nutritious tea increases the migration of leukocytes to areas of acute infection, thus accelerating the healing process.

Fight Off Common Cold Symptoms

  • As soon as you feel a cold or the flu coming, have a cup of Echinacea tea or take it as a tincture to boost your immune system and reduce the sickness period considerably. 

    Our Massage Therapist Tatia’s tip: enjoy this tea even before the cold season begins as to increase your protections. She believes Prevention is better than Cure!

We tried this on our manager Lauri, and it worked wonders. Within a couple days of drinking Echinacea, Lauri says, “It took care of my sore throat and congestion. I started feeling better and then continued to feel much better”

Strengthen your immune system this season with some warm Echinacea tea!


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