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Caitlin | Massage Therapist

Education: Heritage College, Denver
Favorite Area Of Focus: Reiki/Energy Work
Specialties: Reiki, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Structural, Stretching/Range of Motion


“Caitlin was skilled and knowledgeable about the human body. She took her time and paid attention to what I said and what my body told her. She was careful to adjust her pressure to the sore spots, which she unerringly found, and was helpful, quiet and competent.”
“I will start by saying that Caitlin's experiences go far beyond energy work, she is the complete package. For my needs, it is the perfect balance of that energy work which address my spiritual needs, in conjunction with deep tissue work and stretching exercises to address my physical ailments. With Caitlin, I believe that I have a discovered a new modality that can help me to address both my physical and spiritual needs. Thank you Caitlin for introducing me to a new form of relaxation!!! And thank you very much for being you!!!”
“I do want to give a great shout-out to Caitlin at Elements. I was completely delighted with my recent massage there. I most definitely will be back and asking for her. All experiences there have been excellent very good at Elements, but Caitlin is completely unique. Extremely skilled. She knew where my pain was without me telling her.”
“Caitlin is incredible!!! I can't believe how in tune she is with what I said and what I needed.”

Caitlin’s journey into the healing arts began when she realized her purpose in life was more than waiting tables.  She graduated from massage school in January 2012 and shortly after took up an interest in energy healing.  She has certification for 1st, 2nd, Master and Master/Teacher levels of Reiki.  Caitlin blends her education and experience as a massage therapist and energy healing practitioner to create a customized and integrated experience that supports clients health and wellness needs and goals.  Caitlin is dedicated, compassionate and genuinely wants to help others feel and live better.  

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