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Making the Most of a Long Winter

Making the Most of a Long Winter

Elements Massage Littleton

As winter marches on, it’s easy to feel blue or even depressed. With cold temperatures to fight every time you want to go outside, oftentimes it can feel impossible to bundle up enough to face the chill but staying inside can make you feel pent up and full of cabin fever. What to do? Although it may be easier to stay where you are, bake something warm and full of sugar, and watch the next episode of whatever show you are into, a better idea is to take hold of the winter reins and make the best of what the weather deals out.

To do this, here are a few steps we recommend towards making the most of a long winter:

- First, try to adjust your attitude.

This isn’t the first and most likely won’t be your last winter but griping and groaning about it for months at a time isn’t helping and it contributes to a negative frame of mind. Start to change your view of the winter months by laying out goals that you’d like to accomplish this season. This can be a great way to work towards something tangible. The weeks will fly by if you set a personal deadline.

- Second, go outside, regardless of how cold it is.

We know that it’s easier said than done but getting outside and finding things to enjoy can really frame winter in a more positive light. In our experience, the key to enjoying the snow is to be prepared. If this means investing in the proper equipment and clothes to stay warm, then we highly suggest the investment. When you are outside and comfortable, that stir-crazy winter brain of yours will unload and you might even enjoy yourself.

- Embrace winter sports.

From skiing to snowboarding, ice-fishing to snowshoeing, or sledding with the kids, find something that interests you and pursue it. A variety of rich activities may even have you look forward to the winter months.

- Focus on what you love.

Whether this means getting creative with house projects, taking up a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to explore, or refining your skills in the kitchen, year-round it’s important that you pay attention to whatever makes you happy and gravitate towards these items. It’s not rocket science but there’s nothing like fueling your motivation to move and do than igniting your passion.

Winter can be a wonderful time of year. Whatever you decide, taking care to make positive and healthy decisions can lead to increased happiness and satisfaction regardless of the season. Now that’s something that we can get behind!

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