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A Winter Pairing: Winter Activities and Massage

A Winter Pairing: Winter Activities and Massage

Elements Massage Littleton

Winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and hiking can take a toll on your body. The cold temperatures we experience in Colorado can force your muscles to work extra hard in order to function properly. Not to mention, once you are done working out, your muscles can stiffen up and become sore in moments in the chilly air. To help keep you looking and feeling your best during the winter months, massage can be a great addition to incorporate into your health and wellness routine.

When you perform activities, your muscles constrict and shorten in response to your movements and training. When doing so, your muscle fibers suffer millions of very small tears, which contribute to why you feel stiff or sore afterwards. Especially in colder temperatures, this process is exaggerated and that is why you stiffen up shortly after exercise. Taking care of yourself is critical, and spending enough time recovering is key so your muscles don’t become increasingly inflexible which can result in various aches and pains and diminished range of motion.

Sports massage is a great way to target specific muscle groups that you use frequently to avoid the dangers above. Massage for areas of your body that are overused or taxed frequently can help promote circulation and stimulate muscle recovery leading to quicker recover with fewer injuries. If you suffer from tendinitis, planter fasciitis, strains, or just general aches and pains, sports massage may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Come talk to us today at Elements Therapeutic Massage Littleton! We’d be happy to see if we think that you are a candidate for sports massage or if we would recommend a different course of action for you to find relief and continue to enjoy the winter activities!

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