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What to do about Shin Splints

What to do about Shin Splints

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Did you know that although shin splints are a common injury for runners, the condition can be caused by other activities including tennis, basketball, and soccer? Basically, any sport or physical activity that involves frequent starting and stopping leaves you vulnerable to this painful condition.

Shin splints are defined as acute pain in the shin or lower leg region caused by prolonged activity on a hard surface. The term shin splints refer to the medical condition known as medial tibial stress syndrome that occurs when individuals either change training routines or overwork susceptible muscles, tendons and bone tissue.

Symptoms affiliated with this condition include tenderness, soreness, and pain along the front edge of your shin. You might even notice slight swelling in your lower leg. Risk factors that lead to exacerbated shin splints include suddenly increasing the duration, frequency, or intensity of your usual exercise, running on hard, uneven terrain like concrete or courts, or if you have flat feet with high arches.

To prevent shin splints, we recommend avoiding doing high-impact activities that overload the shin area. If you do participate in these types of exercise, be sure to wear good shoes to lessen the impact and consider adding shock-absorbing insoles. We also recommend including strength training to your regular activities to help develop stabilizing muscles to your lower body to prepare you for the brunt of high-impact types of sports.

Deep Tissue Massage is an excellent form of massage that can aid in stretching the muscles in the region to release tension, alleviate any lingering tightness, prevent the buildup of hard tissue, and provide relief. By involving a medium-amount of pressure, this massage modality can reduce the time needed to recover after a bout with this injury.

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