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Massage to Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Elements Massage Happy Valley Nov 14, 2019 Our Studio

Massage can be an excellent tool for managing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a seasonal depressive slump that occurs during the shorter days. Discover why:

What to do about Shin Splints

Elements Massage Happy valley Jul 30, 2019 Our Studio

Did you know that although shin splints are a common injury for runners, the condition can be caused by other activities including tennis, basketball, and soccer? Here are the symptoms, prevention and how massage can help.

Exploring Trigger Point Massage

Elements Massage Happy Valley Mar 28, 2019 Our Studio

When it comes to Trigger Points, there are two main types. In this article, we explore trigger point massage and the benefits.

5 Ways Massage Boosts Your Overall Health

Elements Massage Happy Valley Jan 29, 2019 Our Studio

Massage is a great way to prioritize your own health and wellness. In fact, here are five ways it can give a boost to your health:

Giving an Experience this Holiday Season

Elements Massage Happy Valley Nov 26, 2018 Our Studio

This year, why not take a new approach and instead of purchasing physical objects for the people you love, opt for giving an experience this holiday season?

Fighting Depression with Massage

Elements Massage Happy Valley Sep 27, 2018 Our Studio

To fight depression, massage can be a big help. Similar to athletes whose bodies are injured, massage boasts many benefits that can directly target symptoms. Here’s how massage fights depression:

Good Circulation for a Healthy Body

Elements Massage Happy Valley Jul 3, 2018 Our Studio

Want good circulation for a healthy body? Read on about circulatory functions:

Managing Inflammation

Elements Massage Happy Valley Mar 2, 2018 Our Studio

Inflammation is something that all of us experience at different times in our lives. It is a natural immune response to tissue damage in the body that works to rush fluids to a disrupted area to help it heal. Inflammation can be as simple as the red area around a needle prick on your fingertip, the considerable swelling that comes after a broken bone, or even the slight swelling of the muscles that takes place after a vigorous workout.

Fighting Fatigue with Massage

Elements Massage Happy Valley Oct 30, 2017 Our Studio

Massage boasts many therapeutic values. One common disorder massage is frequently used to combat is chronic fatigue.

Simple Ways to Spread Kindness

Nov 13, 2019 Wellness News

Acts of kindness are a simple way to put a smile on the face of another, as well as yourself. It doesn't take much to turn someone's day around. A small compliment or simple gesture is all it takes. Here are 22 simple ways you can spread kindness today.

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