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Exploring Trigger Point Massage

Exploring Trigger Point Massage

Elements Massage Happy Valley

Muscle knots, tension, and sensitive spots in your body’s soft tissue can result in myofascial pain. Often this pain manifests in a series of micro-cramps that are similar to the sharp pinching of a Charlie horse. Ongoing muscle spasms compound, causing neck and back pain and other postural complications.

One excellent method of treatment for these areas of significant tightness includes Trigger Point massage. Consisting of the application of deep pressure, movement, and manipulation, Trigger Point massage is a modality of massage that aims at alleviating concentrated muscle knots and kinks.

There’s a wide variety of reasons why you should pay attention to how your body feels. Untreated Trigger Points can lead to pain, complications, and can mimic or exacerbate other pain problems. At Elements Massage Happy Valley, our team is trained in providing relief and healing stiffness.

When it comes to Trigger Points, there are two main types:

  1. Latent - These Trigger Points typically go unnoticed until a deep pressure is applied to them. When touched or manipulated, latent Trigger Points feel dense and fibrous within your muscle tissue.
  2. Active - These Trigger Points produce immediate pain and are tender to the touch. They are usually responsible for sore muscles and limited range of motion.

During a Session
When you come in for a Trigger Point massage, one of our skilled team members will first discuss with you your symptoms and conditions. Then, the therapist will palpate your muscles for a firm understanding of the Trigger Points that are present.

During the massage, you may feel slight discomfort at the deep pressure. Depending on the location and severity of your Trigger Points, your massage therapist may use their elbows, fingers and a combination of movements to break up muscle adhesions.

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