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Spectrum Falls

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2556 S Val Vista Dr
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Gilbert, AZ 85295

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You Are Our Priority

You Are Our Priority

Elements Massage Gilbert

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we just want to let you know upfront that you are our number one priority. With the frenetic pace of modern society, it seems that among the over-reliance on technology and the do-it-yourself mentality, we just wanted to take this moment to talk about our quality customer service commitment.

Our traditional approach to customer service places significant value on any face-to-face interactions and that’s why we subscribe to a genuine sincerity that pays attention to detail and gives you the time you deserve.

At Elements Massage Gilbert, we strive to deliver therapeutic satisfaction with each and every massage. With every client that sets foot into our studio doors, we find the following tenets central to our customer service philosophy:

  • Our team of professional massage therapists is the best in the industry. With educations from several of the best massage schools throughout the country, our team consists of talented individuals that believe in the power of massage. We do everything we can to stoke natural talents and provide ongoing educational opportunities for our team, making our studio an environment that’s both enriching and rewarding.
  • We believe deeply in the fundamental belief that massage is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that has the power to reinvigorate and nurture the mind and body connection.
  • Communication is a vital aspect of any satisfying massage. Depending on the daily needs of your specific mind and body, it’s imperative to openly discuss how you are feeling with our team to ensure that we tailor your massage perfectly for you.
  • Pressure is subjective. To deliver a great massage, we need your feedback on what feels right. At Elements Massage, we assign a number to the intensity of pressure for ease in communicating if you want more and less.
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