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Trigger Point Massage Explained

Elements Massage Gilbert Jan 12, 2018 Health

Elements Massage Gilbert explains what Trigger Point Massage is all about.

Charley Horse Relief

Elements Massage Gilbert Jan 5, 2018 Health

Massage is a great way to ward off unwanted muscle cramps like Charley Horses. At Elements Massage Gilbert, we are here to help you steer clear of pain and feel good.

Neck Spasms? 3 Stretches to Help

Elements Massage Gilbert Nov 9, 2017 Health

Ouch! Spasms are an involuntary tightening of a muscle accompanied by intense pain. Sometimes this pain can last a few minutes, but if it’s extreme, it’s possible to last a few days. At Elements Massage Gilbert, one of the most common complaints from our clients is about neck spasms. This common form of muscle spasm can feel like a sharp or sudden pain deep in...

Muscle Knots 101

Elements Massage Gilbert Nov 2, 2017 Health

Got a muscle knot?  Here’s how to treat muscle knots.

Why Massage?

Elements Massage Gilbert Sep 27, 2017 Health

Why massage?  Here are a few of the top reasons why many people seek out its powers:

Addressing Back Pain with Massage

Elements Massage Gilbert Sep 27, 2017 Health

If you are suffering from back pain, let us discuss your specific condition and match you with the right therapist and the right pressure necessary to reduce and relieve your pain!

On Boosting Immune Function

Elements Massage Gilbert Sep 21, 2017 Health

This year, give yourself a leg up by strengthening your immune system. Here's how to boost your immune function.

Beginner’s Best: Swedish Massage

Elements Massage Gilbert Jul 17, 2017 Health

With the primary focus to help relieve muscle tension, increase blood flood, and boost relaxation, here’s a bit more about Swedish Massage.

Massage for Seniors

Elements Massage Gilbert Jul 17, 2017 Health

In terms of addressing age-related ailments, here’s a bit more about how massage can invoke a natural and holistic approach.

Ouch! Sciatic Pain?

Elements Massage Gilbert Jun 22, 2017 Health

Ouch! Sciatic Pain? For those in need of relief, massage may be able to provide the right non-pharmacological and non-invasive treatment option.

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