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Introducing AromaRitual

Elements Massage Gilbert May 23, 2018 Health

At Elements Massage Gilbert, we are thrilled to announce a new service offering: AromaRitual. Available as an add-on service to any regular therapeutic massage at our studio. Read on about this unique offering...

After Pregnancy: The Benefits of Postpartum Massage

Elements Massage Gilbert May 16, 2018 Health

Here are a few of the benefits of postpartum massage and main ways in which massage can ease the mind and body back to a new equilibrium:

The Lesser Known Benefits of Massage

Elements Massage Gilbert Apr 12, 2018 Health

At Elements Massage Gilbert, we thought we’d take a different approach and have rounded up the lesser known benefits of massage.

Have a Healthy Spring

ELements Massage Gilbert Mar 29, 2018 Health

To avoid getting sick and to have a healthy spring, it is important to take care of yourself. To mitigate your risk of being taken down and to ensure that you can head outside and make the most of the spring, here are our team’s professional recommendations.​

Managing Body Imbalance

Elements Massage Gilbert Mar 15, 2018 Health

The body can become structurally out of balance for a number of reasons. People are born with musculoskeletal conditions that automatically put them in a state of imbalance, and imbalances can also develop over time from issues like small injuries that were never adequately treated or the use of improper posture or technique when performing a heavy or vigorous exercise.

Back Issues that Benefit from Massage

Elements Massage Gilbert Mar 1, 2018 Health

Chronic back pain is a very common condition, plaguing individuals from all walks of life. The good news is, massage is a great way to combat a variety of back pains in a non-pharmacological and non-invasive way.

Massage for Autoimmune Disorders

Elements Massage Gilbert Feb 16, 2018 Health

Massage provides relief for a variety of conditions. Boasting a range of benefits, massage has been able to assist in the following autoimmune disorders and conditions:

Why You Should Make Regular Massages Part of Your Routine

Elements Massage Gilbert Feb 9, 2018 Health

Here are four reasons why you should make regular massage part of your routine.

Trigger Point Massage Explained

Elements Massage Gilbert Jan 12, 2018 Health

Elements Massage Gilbert explains what Trigger Point Massage is all about.

Charley Horse Relief

Elements Massage Gilbert Jan 5, 2018 Health

Massage is a great way to ward off unwanted muscle cramps like Charley Horses. At Elements Massage Gilbert, we are here to help you steer clear of pain and feel good.

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