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Why You Get Sore and How Massage Can Help

Why You Get Sore and How Massage Can Help

Elements Massage Gilbert

After any strenuous activity or exercise, it’s likely that you will notice that either immediately after or a day or two later you may be stiff and sore. Have you ever wondered why that is exactly? Well, there are two answers. One is Acute Muscle Soreness and the other is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, otherwise referred to as DOMS. Both of these conditions are the culprits for why it can be difficult to sit down, make it up a flight of stairs, or lift that heavy grocery bag after performing a lot of intense activity or lifting weights.

Acute Muscle Soreness

Acute Muscle Soreness happens immediately after exercise. For example, if you’ve ever been running and once you stop, five minutes later you can feel yourself tightening up. This is acute muscle soreness! The cause of it is attributed to the accumulation of chemical end products resulting from exercise that collect in your muscle cells, the shifting of blood plasma in your muscle tissues during active work, and the muscle fatigue that happens when your muscles are finished contracting and are tired out.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

DOMS is a muscular condition that takes effect 24 to 72 hours after exercise. Frequently referred to as muscle fever, DOMS is caused by the micro trauma (tears) that happen in your muscle fibers as a result of exercise. As your muscles adapts to the damage, they increase in strength thus how you get stronger and build more muscle. Typically perceived as tenderness or stiffness, the soreness attributed to DOMS peaks at approximately 24 hours after exercise.

What To Do About It

Regardless of the type of soreness, there are several things to do to help facilitate a quicker recovery and get you back to your normal limber self:

-Drink plenty of water to hydrate.

-Keep moving! Although it can be painful to do so, one of the best things you can do when super stiff is to get out and move to loosen up!

-Stretching and foam rolling

-Massage, massage, massage!

At Elements Gilbert studio, we are here to help address your needs. Let us help set you on the proper path of recover by delivering results with a massage to boost your recovery.

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