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Why Massage?

Why Massage?

Elements Massage Gilbert

Many people still view massage as a luxury item or as a form of self pampering. The reality of this noninvasive and nonpharmacological treatment is that it boasts a wide range of health and wellness inducing benefits. While it is not a replacement for medical care, massage, alongside nutrition and exercise, is an excellent tool for helping you look and feel your best, not just a pampering treatment. In fact, here are a few of the top reasons why many people seek out its powers:

Pain Relief
For arthritis to fibromyalgia, migraines to back injuries, massage is a great way to address a variety of aches and pains and bring much needed relief. The application of pressure and touch helps to reduce muscle tension and boost the production of the body’s natural pain relieving endorphins.

Stress Reduction
The hustle and bustle of life today can leave you stressed out to the max. Massage can address the tension and anxiety that stem from daily life and promote the production of serotonin and dopamine. Not to mention, massage can induce a deep sense of relaxation that can combat chronic stress and anxiety.

Better Sleep
Maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s bad habits, but many people report having difficulties sleeping. Regular massage sessions can relieve conditions like anxiety, pain, and depression that interfere with proper sleep while also setting the body up to achieve the most quality shuteye possible.

More Circulation
Proper circulation is critical to cardiovascular health and massage can boost blood flow. Better blood flow means that your organs process toxins and receive proper nutrients. It also can lower high blood pressure and slow the heart rate.

Boost Immune Function
Along with better circulation also comes benefits for you immune system. Massage stimulates your lymphatic system which can rid the body of waste, toxins, and pathogens quicker. This keeps you healthier and able to ward off unwanted illnesses!

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