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Why Does Your Back Ache?

Why Does Your Back Ache?

Elements Massage Gilbert

There’s a huge range of answers to this question. But regardless of the cause, dealing with backaches or pain can be debilitating, particularly when the condition is chronic. Several of the main culprits for back pain include:

Lordosis - This condition, also known as saddleback, occurs when the lumbar region of the spine has an inward curve.

Scoliosis - Ranging in mild to quite severe, scoliosis means an atypical sideways curve of the spine.

Kyphosis - Opposite to lordosis, this condition results in an outward curve of the upper spine.

Bad Posture - This is probably one of the most common conditions, particularly in our work culture where many people end up sitting at a desk job eight to nine hours a day.

Pulled/Strained Muscle - The second most common reason why people visit our studio complaining about back pain is pulled or strained muscles. Whether from repetitive motion, overuse, or injury.

How to Ease
Massage presents a holistic approach to treating back pain. As a nonpharmacological and noninvasive method to easing discomfort and pain, massage can involve a variety of stretches to lengthen muscles, in addition to the application of pressure to work out knots.

If you suffer from back pain, we recommend making time to stretch, seeking out monthly or even weekly massage sessions based on the intensity of your pain, and adding regular exercise to strengthen and condition your muscles.

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