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What Truly Separates Good Therapeutic Massages from the Best?

What Truly Separates Good Therapeutic Massages from the Best?

Elements Massage Gilbert


The beginning and end of a therapeutic massage are often the most important parts when it comes to how a client will remember the experience. The beginning sets the tone, and the end will be what the client remembers as they walk out the door. Typically the “nerve stroke” – the light touches that move download along te body – is the technique that will be used at the beginning and end of a massage. These soft movements signal to your body that a massage is beginning or ending, and it helps with the transition in and out of the mental state of undergoing massage therapy. What makes an effective nerve touch different from an ineffective one?

A good massage is more than just the working free of knots – it opens up the muscles, relieves tension, gets blood flowing, and improves other nerve functions. To start a massage, a good therapist uses the nerve touch to gage tension in the body as well as stimulate the nerves so that the body will be more responsive to the rejuvenating effects of the therapeutic massage. At the end, the nerve touch serves a more unifying purpose – literally trying to make your body feel like a relaxed whole once again. As your arms, back, neck, and legs are all worked separately throughout the session, the final nerve stroke helps reconnect and rebalance your body. It also helps to calm you down, bring you back out of the headspace of having your muscles worked open and worked over.

However, the touches aren’t abrupt or jarring – they’re soothing and relaxing. This helps the body to continue healing after you get up from the table and leave Elements Massage Gilbert. You need to hydrate your body, maybe take a hot bath to keep your muscles relaxed, and tell your partner that they have child duty tonight so you can continue to let your muscles and mind heal and rejuvenate. This is much easier when your massage therapist leaves you with a good final impression at the end of a session. Book an appointment at Elements Massage in Gilbert to experience the healing benefits of massage therapy! 480-726-2222.

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