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Trigger Point Massage Explained

Trigger Point Massage Explained

Elements Massage Gilbert

You may of heard someone talking about trigger points and had no idea what they were referring to. As a relative newcomer to the world of massage, Trigger Point therapy is a form of massage that delivers concentrated attention to the deep-seated muscles that contain knots or areas of stubborn tension. Since there are over 400 muscles in the human body, any one of these muscles can cause you pain or become a trigger point.

In Depth
There are two types of trigger points:

  1. Active Trigger Points
    This type of trigger point is extremely uncomfortable and can present symptoms such as tingling, burning sensation or even numbness. Caused by injury, overuse, or impact to your muscle, active trigger points can turn into latent trigger points if left uncared for.
  2. Latent Trigger Points
    This type of trigger point is less painful in comparison to active trigger points but they can restrict muscle movement and cause you to maintain an unhealthy posture.

Both types of trigger points can cause pain elsewhere in the body, away from the area of tension. For example, your neck may be causing you discomfort due to a ball of tension in your upper back. At Elements Massage Gilbert, our professional team will locate areas of tension and employ isolated pressure to really dig in and allow your muscle to release This can restore range of motion and unlock much-needed relief.

This special form of massage is perfect for those deep-seated and stubborn muscles that just won’t relax. Come talk to us today about what this form of massage can do for you.

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