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Words of Wellness

The Impact of Human Touch

The Impact of Human Touch

Many people think that massage is frivolous. That it’s a luxury treatment or just a form of pampering. Here at Elements Massage Gilbert, we know that massage is an ancient art of healing. Its longstanding history is a testament to its many sought-after benefits that address a wide variety of physical and mental ailments.

One of the biggest benefits of massage is how it harnesses the deep power of connection and touch. Through the application of pressure, manipulation of muscle tissues, tendons, ligaments, the gentle kneading motions and so on, massage can do wonders to help you connect with yourself and to stoke the connection with what it means to be human, interacting with others in today’s modern world.

Two examples of the healing impact of touch include:

  • Emotional Healing
    The combination of deep breathing and massage can induce a sense of inner connection and wellbeing. It can also often help resolve emotional issues. Referred to as somatic or body psychotherapy, there is a field of massage dedicated to focusing on core energetics and gentle touch to encourage the release of emotions and emotional tensions.
  • Physical Healing
    Different massage modalities can address various issues. From chronic aches and pains to tight muscle knots, injuries, or certain illnesses, massage application can be targeted to aid the body in optimizing movement, working on mobility, body strength, flexibility, and tissue texture.

A great massage session can reduce stress and deliver neuromuscular benefits. The deep pressure involved in a massage stimulates receptors in your body that can boost the production of serotonin and dopamine while decreasing your levels of cortisol. This can help you feel your best!

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