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Swedish Massage: Why this Modality has Staying Power

Swedish Massage: Why this Modality has Staying Power

Elements Massage Gilbert

The world of massage seems to continue to expand with new techniques and applications. But there’s one form of massage that continues to remain one of the most popular forms and that’s Swedish Massage.

As one of the most well-known types of bodywork, the main point of Swedish Massage is to encourage the entire body to just relax. In a world where the pace is frenetic and all-encompassing, Swedish Massage can be an intentional break. This traditional form of massage includes several specific techniques that encourage and nurture a mind/body connection:

  • Effleurage - This movement includes long sweeping strokes that alternate between a firm and light pressure often applied with the palms of the hands.
  • Petrissage - This movement involves kneading the muscles by squeezing different areas to prepare the body to attain a deeper massage.
  • Tapotement - Often referred to as rhythmic tapping, this movement involves using the sides of the hands or cupped hands to deliver tapping motions that help prepare and energize the muscles for manipulation.
  • Friction - Here, a massage therapist will vigorously rub the body’s muscles to generate heat and bring about a deep sense of peace, connectedness, and relaxation.
  • Vibration - This movement helps loosen muscles by literally shaking them with gentle vibrations. Most massage therapists use the palm or the hands to create muscle movement.

The above movements in combination comprise the art of the Swedish Massage. Benefits from this form of pressure and application of massage include increasing oxygen levels in the blood, promoting better circulation, encouraging flexibility, easing tension, decreasing muscle toxins, and reducing the stress hormone cortisol.

If you’ve never experienced this type of massage, call today to book a session with our talented team at (480) 436-8275. Isn’t it about time you relax?

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