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Slipped Discs and How Massage Can Help

Slipped Discs and How Massage Can Help

Elements Massage Gilbert

A slipped disc, otherwise known as a pinched nerve, bulging disc, ruptured disc or a hernia can be extremely painful. Typically the result of pressure along nerve endings near the spine that cause a protrusion of the material between your spinal bones, slipped discs can cause pain throughout the neck, back, and hips as well as send tingling or numbing sensations down the limbs.

With proper treatment, oftentimes surgery is not a necessary component on the road to wellness from this type of injury. Massage therapy can lend many positive benefits to those that experience this condition including significant pain reduction and lessening the disc’s protrusion.

Why Massage Works

In conjunction with inversion therapy, massage is an excellent tool to combat the effects of a hernia. By promoting increased circulation and thus a boost in blood flow, massage helps to bring more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles as well as quickens your body’s capability to rid itself of toxins and waste material. This means that your body is able to heal itself more easily!

Specifically Hot Stone Massage

For specific modalities, hot stone massage is a great massage technique that delivers therapeutic benefits via the use of heated river rocks applied to the body. The warmth and weight of these rocks can aid your massage therapist in releasing deep-seated muscle tension and knots without the application of pressure found in other massage types, like trigger point, or deep tissue massage. This gentle approach to massage is comfortable for navigating a troubling injury.

Alternative Complementary Therapies

Other therapies such as acupuncture and acupressure can accompany a regular massage routine to promote self care. As always, talk to your primary care physician before seeking treatment to ensure you are a proper candidate. Also, it’s important to maintain regular communication with your massage therapist to ensure proper pressure throughout your massage!

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