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Self-Care is Important Too

Self-Care is Important Too

Elements Massage Gilbert


One of the most persistent types of pain and most difficult to treat is lower back pain. Single treatment approaches rarely work, and often the best combination varies by person. A more integrative approach, one that includes both conventional and alternative techniques may be the best answer to the problem of chronic lower back pain. Two elements of such a holistic approach that may be overlooked are how massage therapy can alleviate pain and tension, and the role self-care plays in successful treatment.

Self-care involves the little things an individual can do in their day-to-day lives to improve their own situation. In the case of lower back pain, this often includes sitting properly, stretching, flexibility, and other types of body awareness that can help make sure lower back pain is minimized. Often, these self-care techniques are used in combination with massage therapy and other bodywork practices if recommended by a primary care physician. Therapeutic massage not only helps with muscle stiffness and pain, but a massage therapist has expert knowledge on muscles that can help with a client’s self-care regimen.

The professional massage therapists at Elements Therapeutic Massage in Gilbert want to get to know clients and help them gain the most from their massage therapy and improve their overall quality of life. Working with an individual over and over helps a therapist get to know a client and cater to their specific needs. Whether that’s headaches caused by tension or chronic lower back pain, therapeutic massage and other techniques can help our clients.

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