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Reconnecting and Rejuvenating

Reconnecting and Rejuvenating

Elements Massage Gilbert


We live in a culture that doesn’t put any emphasis on relaxing either physically or mentally. There is so much pressure to ignore stress or signs of ill health for the sake of productivity – going to work, finishing homework, and pushing ourselves harder than we should in some instances. All of these factors can contribute to an emotional disassociation from what our bodies are telling us. We become tired, cranky, sick, upset, and we always seem to respond to these feelings with the same comments of “I don’t know what’s going on with me.” Relearning how to listen to your body and think about the mind-body connection can be difficult – it requires a lot of rethinking because we are so thoroughly conditioned to look for relief in the medicine aisle of the corner store. Instead, we should be paying attention to aches and pains and how they can be related to things in our environment.

We store stress and tension in our bodies – muscles tensing in our neck and shoulders as we hunch over our work, stressing about deadlines and all of the other things that need to get done. Headaches and nausea and lack of sleep are all physical symptoms that can result from our bodies internalizing external pressures. It will continue to make us feel tired and sick as long as we only look to cover the symptoms instead of treating the problems directly. Therapeutic massage can help with people who are trying to relearn ways to hear their bodies and conceptualize health in a more holistic framework. The techniques that release tension and trigger points can help reveal where you’re storing your stress and anxieties, relaxing your body and your mind by working out the tension and the aches. Swedish massage, trigger point massage, and reflexology are all methods the therapists at Elements Massage Gilbert use to help their patients reconnect emotionally with their body to achieve a better approach to health that takes into consideration mental and physical wellbeing.

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