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Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing Mindfulness

Elements Massage Gilbert

In today’s stressful world, knowing that you can create a moment of joy or get in touch with a happy feeling is an important skill to have. Mindfulness is something that takes practice but yields worthwhile results. Essentially, mindfulness is participating in happiness of a moment fully.

With so many worries, fears, and constant to-dos like the grocery store, carpool, laundry, work/house chores, feeding yourself and others, it’s no wonder that life can feel overwhelming. At Elements Massage Gilbert, we’ve dedicated 2017 to the year we intentionally foster being present. Here’s how you can do the same with four simple exercises:

  1. Mindful Breathing
    This first exercise requires little but is very powerful. Basically you simply identify your in-breath and out-breath. Pay attention to your natural breathing rhythms and don’t work at changing them, just simply notice. This will funnel all of your thoughts to your breath and you will stop thinking about the past or future and just be in the present.
  2. Concentration
    Next up, work on concentrating on your breath and draw your in-breath in for four seconds followed by your out-breath for four seconds. Do this uninterrupted, concentrating on your breathing. Note that it doesn’t matter if your breaths are short are long. You aren’t here to judge, just breathe naturally.
  3. Increasing Body Awareness
    The third exercise for practicing mindfulness is to take your concentration and turn it towards your whole body. Hold the presence in your entire body while breathing. This can help replenish your energy levels and recognize the boundaries of your body.
  4. Release Tension
    Last up is to release any tension from the body. This is a great method for letting go of stress or anxiety. When you can practice total relaxation, you will notice that any tension you’ve been holding on to can melt away leaving you feeling reset and refreshed.

At Elements Massage Gilbert, we are all for practicing mindfulness! That's what massage is all about!

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