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On Boosting Immune Function

On Boosting Immune Function

Elements Massage Gilbert

As we head into cold and flu season, everyone wants the best chance at staying healthy. One key way to protect yourself is with a bit of extra love and attention with the restorative powers of massage. Stress, diet, sleep and overall well being are all factors that contribute to your ability to fend of germs and illnesses. This year, give yourself a leg up by strengthening your immune system.

A compromised immune system due to stress can leave you vulnerable to catching a cold, the flu, or other illnesses. Massage can address this weakness and boost immune function by increasing your body’s white blood cell count. This is important because white blood cells are what respond to viral-infected cells. The significant change in lymphocytes is what can help your body better protect itself against disease. Recent research indicates that even a single massage can bring about measurable changes in immune and endocrine function for a healthy adult.

Additional benefits of massage include:

● Uptick in body’s natural killer (NK) cells

● Boosted ability to fight off bacteria or infection

● Quicker ability to process body’s toxins

● Increases distribution of nourishment to areas of the body in need

● Increases production of feel-good hormones to combat stress

So this season, when your coworker or neighbor starts to sniffle, take matters into your own hands and give yourself the best shot possible at staying healthy by booking regular appointments with our talented staff. We are here to help!

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