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Massage Therapy and Menopause

Massage Therapy and Menopause

Elements Massage Gilbert


The word “menopause” has come to be something flinched away from, talked about in quiet whispers, and conjured images of unpleasant hot flashes at inopportune times. Even though menopause is a completely natural process of aging, not something to be scorned and belittled, it is still very uncomfortable and tiring for the person going through it. However, changing the way we approach this time in the process of aging can drastically change the way menopause is experienced. Instead of thinking about it as twilight, think about it as a dawn of a new life chapter, and the perfect opportunity to pamper and be kind to yourself in the name of health.

Massage therapy is incredibly helpful in reducing stress, which can be a major source of discomfort for the person who is going through menopause. Massage treatments like Swedish massage also improves circulation and flexibility by releasing muscle tension and stimulating the lubrication of joints. This will reduce stiffness and improve range of motion, making you feel less constrained within your own body. Massage therapy can also help your body rebalance its hormones by reducing the amount of stress in the body, giving the other systems a chance to recover and begin functioning normally. All of these have the added benefit of reducing discomfort overall, which is always an improvement in wellbeing.

Menopause does not need to be the difficult, unpleasant time that our youth-obsessed culture has made it out to be. Yes it will be uncomfortable, but it is not a death knell. Treat yourself to Elements Massage Gilbert massage treatments that are not only beneficial, but also exceptionally enjoyable. Call now: 480-726-2222.

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