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Massage for Back Pain

Massage for Back Pain

Elements Massage Gilbert

Chronic back pain impacts individuals across occupations, age, and other variables. It’s a part of the human body that’s susceptible to strain, injury, and stress-related pain. When soreness settles into the body, it can deeply impact other issues like exacerbating insomnia, over-reliance on painkillers, and the inability to enjoy your life.

But massage can help. As a great way to mitigate back pain through non-pharmacological and non-invasive means, massage delivers much-needed attention to your body’s taxed musculoskeletal system. Here’s how massage can help several of the most common back pain culprits:

While arthritis can be experienced numerous places in the body, when it occurs in the back, it can be incredibly painful. Most often arthritis occurs in the spine when cartilage wears down between spinal joints. This leads to bone-on-bone grinding. While massage cannot restore cartilage, it can help to ease the symptoms by boosting circulation to this particular area of the body.

This connective tissue disorder results in severe pain in joints and tendons and can be strong in the lower to upper back area. Massage can be part of a pain management strategy to induce a deep sense of calm for the central nervous system which can result in better sleep and coping skills for a life filled with chronic pain.

Muscle Pain
Resulting from a strain, injury, or bad posture, back pain is something that impacts everyone at some point in life. Massage is a key part of recovering properly. By bringing healthy blood flow into any strained area, massage can speed up healing times and help get you back on track (no pun intended!).

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