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Massage and the Traveler

Massage and the Traveler

Elements Massage Gilbert


Whether it’s for business or holiday, traveling can be stressful and often incredibly uncomfortable. Sitting in the car for hours on end; trying to sleep against the window of an airplane; or killing time in terminals makes even the hardiest of travelers tired and sore. Essentially, travelling can be considered one huge headache – often times in a very literal sense.

Some therapists and airports are noticing this. In the last few years, massage has become an amenity offered in some terminals. However, over priced and short-term massages may solve the immediate discomfort, but they won’t be able to deal with the long term effects the way sustained, regular visits to a massage therapist can. Regular massage reduces anxiety, depression and physical pain. The stress of travel and the uncomfortable contortions that are often consequences of airplanes, trains, buses, cars and long haul trucks can leave the body strained and tense, which can lead to muscle pain as well as headaches and a negative mood. Therapeutic massage uses a variety of techniques to relax the tense, strained muscles, which relieves many of these side effects of travelling.

The pains and strains of traveling don’t go away when the jet lag does – the tension and pain can linger if it’s lodge in your muscles. Make an appointment with a therapist at Elements Therapeutic Massage in Gilbert to start the healing process and improve your overall health!

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