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Managing Body Imbalance

Managing Body Imbalance

Elements Massage Gilbert

The body can become structurally out of balance for a number of reasons. People are born with musculoskeletal conditions that automatically put them in a state of imbalance, and imbalances can also develop over time from issues like small injuries that were never adequately treated or the use of improper posture or technique when performing a heavy or vigorous exercise.

In order to understand how to address imbalance as an issue though, it is important to understand why it happens.

Overuse Vs. Underuse

The human body typically seeks balance. When all conditions are fair and all body parts are working correctly, this results in a well-tuned machine that can run fast, jump high, and generally feels good from sunup to sundown. When something like an acute injury takes place through, the body goes into auto-correct mode and tries to bring balance back in ways that can ultimately hurt you more than help. For example, when you suffer a sprained ankle, the body forces the rest of the muscles in the leg to contort and contract to protect the damaged tendons or tissue. While some of these muscles go into overuse, others stop being activated leading to an overall imbalance in the body.

Massage to the Rescue

This is where massage therapy comes in. When the above condition of overuse and underuse sets in, if left unattended, the body will just continue to become more and more imbalanced as it seeks to protect itself against additional injury. What massage can effectively do is bring relief and realignment to specific muscles and injured areas to allow them to get out of protection mode and back into the way they should function. In areas where swelling is plentiful, massage can move fluid out of the injured area, allowing the damaged tissue to begin healing. In muscles that have been pushed out of whack do to the self preservation process, massage can activate those that have gone inactive and nudge them back towards their intended place and use in the body.

Body imbalance is something that is always happening. Simply sitting at a desk all day puts the body in unnatural positions that can slowly lead to long term musculoskeletal issues. But regular massage therapy can do a great job of correcting many of these issues. What are you waiting for?

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