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The Lesser Known Benefits of Massage

The Lesser Known Benefits of Massage

Elements Massage Gilbert

Many massage studios recount the benefits of massage and how regular sessions can boost your mind and body connection, but here at Elements Massage Gilbert, we thought we’d take a different approach. That’s why we’ve rounded up the less commonly touted benefits of massage:

Ability to Drive
It may sound silly and while nothing will counter a driver on a smartphone, regular massage sessions may be able to deliver you with better visibility when driving. If your neck and back are stiff from sleeping, hitting the gym, or just life in general, visiting our massage studio can help increase your ability to turn your head and check your blind spots while driving.

Taste More
While massage can’t actually change how your food tastes (sorry those that lack skills in the kitchen), it can streamline your body’s ability to digest food. Regular massage can encourage your body to release enzymes and antioxidants that can provide relief around bloating and indigestion.

Get Creative
If you feel stuck in a creative rut or just all around low on energy, massage can help reset your mind and body connection to stoke your creativity. With the application of pressure and movement, massage suppresses the production of your stress hormone, cortisol. This suppression can help re-instill a sense of energy and clear your mind, opening yourself to more creative energy and productivity.

Your Best Self
Massage is a great way of encouraging your body’s innate sense of self. This means that through connecting the mind and body better, you can feel more grounded and open to all that life brings. Talk to one of our team members today about what type of massage is right to help you feel like, well, your best self!

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