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Introducing AromaRitual

Introducing AromaRitual

Elements Massage Gilbert

At Elements Massage Gilbert, we are thrilled to announce a new service offering: AromaRitual. Available as an add-on service to any regular therapeutic massage at our studio, this unique offering can step up your relaxation game by harnessing the healing and rejuvenating powers of essential oils.

Historically, essential oils that come from plants, bark, flowers and other organic materials have been used to improve physical and mental health and promote overall well-being. With AromaRitual, we will use the following high quality, custom oil blends to deliver truly restorative experiences:


With aromas of lemon, ginger, and geranium, our Energize blend promotes a sense of calm and balance by using the following beneficial ingredients:

• Lemon

With its invigorating scent, lemon is an astringent and disinfectant that may also lower blood pressure.

• Geranium
Traditionally used as an adrenal stimulant, this scent can aid in re-energizing the mind and body while mitigating inflammation.

• Orange
Another scent with anti-inflammatory properties, orange is known to stimulate both the lymph and digestive systems.

• Patchouli
A great option for those looking to decrease general stress and anxiety levels, this scent is helpful in inducing a deep sense of calm.

• Ginger
When you ingest ginger, it awakens your senses—and this powerful ingredient has the same effect during AromaRitual.

• Vetiver
Known best for its ability to stimulate circulation and calm the central nervous system, this oil also has antiseptic properties.

• Lavandin grosso

In addition to boasting antidepressant and antiseptic properties, this hybrid ingredient promotes cell regeneration and scar healing while also calming the nerves.


A combination of lavender, nutmeg, and black pepper mingle in the Calm blend to promote a relaxing session while decreasing aches and pains. Here are the benefits of this blend’s key ingredients:

• Lavender intermedia grosso
With its enticing aroma, lavender is known for its antiseptic and antidepressant properties and is also believed to reduce blood pressure and nerve pain.

• Nutmeg

Nutmeg is recognized as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and expectorant.

• Black pepper

Black pepper stimulates the digestive and circulatory systems while offering antibacterial, antiviral, and antispasmodic properties.


In addition to lavandin grosso and patchouli, the Refresh blend unites eucalyptus and peppermint to create a soothing and purifying experience. Here are the main benefits of these ingredients:

• Eucalyptus

Aromatic eucalyptus is an antibacterial, antiviral, and decongestant agent that may also reduce fever.

• Peppermint

Among its many powers, peppermint is known for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and decongestant properties.

Whichever AromaRitual blend you choose, come talk to our talented team today about this new service and learn how it can benefit your physical and mental well-being!

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