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Increasing Your Range of Motion

Increasing Your Range of Motion

Elements Massage Gilbert

Can you touch your toes?

How tight are your hamstrings?

Can you touch your hands behind your back?

These questions (among others) can lead you to explore your own flexibility. Stretching is an integral part of maintaining flexibility and, in truth, can contribute to your overall health and wellness.

But flexibility can diminish for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you don’t stretch enough, or your muscles are too stiff. This happens when you leave lactic acid in your muscles after exercise. And if it becomes a habit to not stretch, your flexibility and corresponding movements may start to become limited.

Massage can help. With a handcrafted massage targeting your exact needs, like the kind we provide at Elements Massage Gilbert, one of our professional staff members can manipulate your muscles to relax them through releasing tension and knots and stoking better flexibility.

By working with an expert, it’s easier to identify areas on your body that need extra special attention. Regular massage sessions along with a good stretching routine is the right formula to increase your range of motion, avoid injury, and maintain optimal health and wellness.

Several of the best modalities of massage to increase the range of motion and flexibility include:

Deep Tissue
This type of massage targets chronic muscle tension by applying a deep pressure to layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia.

Sports Massage

To prevent injuries and help individuals attain optimal body mechanics, sports massage is a great method of ensuring well-rounded flexibility.

Swedish Massage

One of our most popular forms of massage, Swedish massage involves a variety of movements to induce a deep sense of relaxation along with gentle stretching.

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