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Getting Good Sleep

Getting Good Sleep

Elements Massage Gilbert

Did you know that the average human will spend approximately one-third of their lives sleeping? As something so important, setting yourself up for good sleep should be a top priority. Instead, we are surrounded by a culture that prizes burning the midnight oil and being too busy to sleep. Somewhere along the line, taking the time to care for yourself and protect the nightly ritual of sleep fell by the wayside. At Elements Massage Gilbert, we want to change that and here’s why:

Lack of Sleep = Weight Gain
Individuals who don’t get enough rest tend to have higher body mass index (BMI) readings than those that get sufficient shut-eye. This means that if you don’t sleep enough, you are putting yourself at risk for obesity and hormone interruption. Not to mention, people that are overtired can feel trapped in a cycle that’s hard to break.

Metabolize Glucose
Science indicates that if you sleep less than six hours an evening, your blood sugar levels can become unstable leaving you less sensitive to insulin. This heralds a pre-diabetic condition. Luckily, getting a few consecutive nights of good sleep can reverse these symptoms.

Bad Mood
Sleep is one of the biggest indicators of mood. Not getting enough sleep is one of the highest commonalities in depressed individuals.

Weakens the Immune System
If you lack sleep, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to the latest round of illnesses. You should shoot for seven to nine hours an evening to boost your ability to fight off viruses.

If you struggle with sleep issues, come visit our studio and talk to our team. Massage is proven to induce deeper sleep quicker, allowing those that struggle to attain higher quality rest.

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