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Getting Better Shuteye

Getting Better Shuteye

Elements Massage Gilbert

As an integral part of life, sleep is essential in helping you function. In fact, many of the body’s restorative work is done during the nocturnal hours away from waking life. If you struggle with getting quality sleep, massage may be able to help! Along with a host of other benefits, regular massage therapy sessions can boost immune system functions, reduce genera aches and pains, and increase the quality of your sleep.

Many Americans suffer from sleep difficulties like insomnia or restless leg syndrome and these conditions can interfere with both the quality and quantity of sleep. As a non-pharmacological approach to finding relief when it comes to sleeping issues, here is a bit more detail on how massage works:

  • Massage helps to increase blood flow and disperse muscle aches and pains. The ability to achieve this more relaxed condition can diminish muscle spasms that otherwise interrupt sleep. By inducing a calmer and more comfortable state of physical being in your body, the mind follows suit and can allow you to get better sleep.
  • Facilitating quicker recovery through the art of massage means that you feel better faster. After injury or serious wear-and-tear, massage can boost the removal of toxins and promote repair leaving you primed for evening sessions that restorative sleep.
  • Another way that massage can help you attain better sleep is by triggering your body’s relaxation response. By tapping into your body’s nervous system and providing calmness, massage can help you fall asleep faster leaving you with the ability to get more sleep instead of tossing and turning in bed.
  • Lastly, another component of boosting your sleep game is through the production of serotonin. Massage is known to help your body increase its production of feel good hormones while simultaneously reducing the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. Tipping the scales in favor of your body’s positive hormones can help you achieve your best sleep yet.
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