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Connection Matters

Connection Matters

Elements Massage Gilbert

With a rich history, massage has been used throughout the ages to relieve stress and anxiety, reduce pain, and enhance immune function. In present day use, massage still plays these important roles but a new benefit is increasingly gaining recognition: massage offers a way to connect.

More than a luxury treatment, massage is a way to slow down and take a pause from the hustle and bustle of daily life while turning a focus inward towards health, wellness, and overall connection to greater humanity. The power of touch is not fully understood in terms of the emotional need it fills but massage is gaining significant attention as a way to boost mental health and happiness. Offered in medical clinics, hospitals, in-home and studio settings, here’s how massage and the connection it fosters works:

  • Young Children
    As one of the earliest forms of communication, fostering positive touch can help nurture critical bonds between parents and a child.
  • Adolescents
    Frequently hindered by social anxiety and the exploration of sexuality, teenagers benefit from forms of tactile communication like hugging, handshakes and massage to help them feel grounded and connected to those around them.
  • Adults
    The application of pressure and movement in massage can invoke a physical, emotional and spiritual response. As a great way to promote feelings of interconnectedness, massage allows for the release of tension both in the mind and body.
  • Seniors
    A group of people that can easily feel cast off and secluded from peer groups, massage can address these common issues. A gentle Swedish massage is the perfect way to deliver healthy physical interaction that communicates affection and connection.

Valuable for any age group, the underlying universal component in massage is how it enables feelings of connection. Visit our studio to feel the Elements experience for yourself!

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