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Words of Wellness

Combat Tension

Combat Tension

Elements Massage Gilbert

The everyday activities you perform can accumulate and cause tension or stress that builds up and lives in your body. From the neck to your back, your fingers and wrists down to your knees, ankles, and toes, a general stiffness and soreness can be slightly uncomfortable to downright painful. Stemming from overuse, repetitive actions, poor posture, and many other reasons, too much tension in your muscles can limit your mobility, reduce your activities, and dampen your enjoyment of life.

Regular massage therapy sessions are a great way to address points of tension, often called Trigger Points. These specific concentrated areas of pain are the responsible culprits for localized pain as well as referral pain, located elsewhere but attributed to the same source of tension. Two of the main categories of actions that cause trigger points to appear include:

Resulting from more targeted actions like sports or else from sudden emotionally or physically taxing environments such as a car accident or injury, activating factors cause your body’s muscles to react and contract into tight balls that are difficult to release.

More about environmental factors, perpetuating actions of trigger points include work and home stress that impacts posture and other physical aspects of use. As your body adjusts and compensates for your environment, your muscles react by shortening and contracting your muscle fibers that can result in knots that cause aches and pains.

Learning how to manage physical and emotional stress can help you stay relaxed. In turn, your body can function optimally. However, since life is unpredictable, massage is an excellent tool to nurture you mind and body wellness.

Come visit our studio for a Trigger Point massage and allow us to help you release all of the stress and tension you’ve been holding on to!

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