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Caring for Biceps Tendinitis

Caring for Biceps Tendinitis

Elements Massage Gilbert

Biceps tendinitis is a form of shoulder pain that results from performing repetitive movements like throwing, lifting, swinging, or pushing. Your bicep muscle has two heads. The long head attaches to the shoulder and this is the area that typically gets injured. If you are sore in this area, you’ll need to exercise caution since this critical muscle is responsible for protecting other structures in your shoulder including the rotator cuff.

With abnormal stress, the biceps tendon may experience pulling and pinching. This often manifaest in inflammation, swelling, pain, and injury. Individuals at risk for biceps tendonitis include those that perform or have:

  • Recurring overhead movements
  • Weak rotator cuffs
  • Abrupt uptick in upper body exercise
  • Poor body mechanics
  • Slouching posture

Proper Care
To recover from biceps tendinitis, there are a few key steps:

  1. Reduce Inflammation
    Whether through rest or via anti-inflammatory medicine, reducing inflammation is the first step in the healing process.
  2. Work on Range of Motion
    Once the pain subsides, work on increasing motion in the neck, shoulder, scapula, and trunk areas. Working with a professional massage therapist can assist you in achieving full range of motion through full flexion and internal rotation.
  3. Building Strength
    In active recovery mode, without pain and working on gaining full range of motion, it is a good time to start building strength and functionality.

At Elements Massage Gilbert, our expert staff is well-versed in discussing each and every client’s needs and tailoring a massage program suited to address individual conditions. If you are recovering from biceps tendonitis, we’re here to help you make a full recovery by leveraging the power of massage.

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