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The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Regardless of what type of activities you are into, deep tissue is a form of massage that offers many benefits. As a way to lower physical and psychological stress, massage can decrease pain and discomfort while helping the body heal itself. Here’s a bit more about the many benefits of this targeted massage modality:

Defining Deep Tissue
In this specific form of massage, deep pressure targets the layers of muscle fascia and supportive tissue with a slow and firm application that can release stubborn knots and areas of tension. With a focus on major muscle groups that are prone to tensing up when your body experiences stress, this most often includes the shoulders, neck, and hip area. Here are the top five benefits of this style:

  1. Back Pain
    The cross-fiber strokes, friction, and tapping motions involved in this form of massage can alleviate chronic back pain when employed on a regular basis
  2. Reduce Stress and Muscle Tension
    Inflammation can cause chronic stress to build up in your body’s muscles and over time, can lead to impaired immune function as well as other cardiovascular issues like high blood pressure. By reducing the body’s production of cortisol levels, massage can induce a sense of relaxation to have a soothing effect on your muscle tension.
  3. Breaks Up Scar Tissue
    Although slightly uncomfortable, the direct pressure affiliated with this delivery method of massage can break up scar tissue and lead to swifter recovery processes in addition to better range of motion for those that have suffered an injury or had a recent surgery
  4. Boosts Recover
    Deep tissue is the perfect modality for athletic performance as it can help remove lactic acid, thwart delayed onset of muscle soreness, prevent injury and speed up the post-activity recovery process.


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