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Back to the Back Basics

Elements Massage Gilbert


The National Institute of Health estimates that back pain affects nearly eighty percent of the general population. Next to the common cold, it’s the leading cause of missed work days, and often a common reason for “presenteeism” – when an employee is at work but is unable to be productive due to illness. Lower back pain can be caused by a variety of reasons – car accidents, falling from high places, even surgery. But more often than not, the causes for lower back pain are much more mundane: sitting, standing, and bending. Poor posture, improper muscle use, and exhaustion are often factors contributing to back pain commonly experienced in office workers, athletes, or any job that requires repetitive motion or fixed positions for long hours.

Many people will turn to typical interventions: pain medication and muscle relaxants. However, these treatments focus mostly on the symptoms of the pain rather than treating the causes. This is where therapeutic massage comes in. A study done by the Group Health Research Institute conducted a study in which participants with lower back pain were assigned to one of three conditions: general relaxation massage (Swedish massage), deep tissue massage, or therapies like painkillers and muscle relaxants. After a ten week period in which the first two groups were given a massage once a week, the researchers had the participants report their levels of pain immediately after, six months later, and then one year after the treatment. Those participants who received one of the two massage treatments reported significantly lower levels of pain and some that their pain was completely gone.

Massage therapy helps realign muscles, reduce tension, and “reset” the body that has been put under strain and twisted itself out of place. By treating these conditions, you treat the source of the lower back pain, rather than just the symptom of pain with medication. Elements Massage in Gilbert wants to work with you to help improve your quality of life and reduce back pain.

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