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Back Issues that Benefit from Massage

Back Issues that Benefit from Massage

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Back Issues that Benefit from Massage

Chronic back pain is a very common condition, plaguing individuals from all walks of life. Whether its age or occupation-related pain, the back tends to be a place where stress, pain, and soreness tends to settle in the body. This can often lead to other conditions like sleepless nights and dependency on painkillers that end up compounding issues and making matters worse.

The good news is, massage is a great way to combat a variety of back pains in a non-pharmacological and non-invasive way. On top of that, it’s a great way to bring some much needed rest and relaxation into what is likely a very busy modern schedule. It is important when considering massage as a treatment for back pain that you consult your doctor and use only well trained and vetted massage therapists who know how to treat your specific condition. Here are a few back issues that many people suffer from that massage can do an incredible job of improving.

Muscle Spasms: Muscle spasms are often the result of over straining muscles in the back when lifting heavy items using improper posture or technique. This can happen at the gym when you try to overdo a difficult lift without supervision, or when simply picking up your toddler over and over again throughout the day without considering form. In these cases, massage can bring blood flow back into strained muscles and speed up their recovery as well as bring down swelling.

Arthritis: Arthritis pain is something that so many people experience in so many parts of their body but it can be especially debilitating in the back. Arthritis in the spine happens when cartilage wears away from the areas between spinal joints, causing a bone-on-bone situation that can be very painful. Massage can only do so much for arthritis pain but it can effectively relieve symptoms by increasing the level of circulation to those worn and grinding joints.

Fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia is an incredibly unfortunate condition that causes intense pain in joints, tendons, and any other areas where connective tissue exists. While massage can not take away the pain, it can help bring those suffering from this condition into more calm and relaxed states of mind which can induce sleep and overall relief from living with daily and constant pain.

There are so many more reasons why back pain can get you down. Consider incorporating massage into your regular pain management routine and get some long-term relief.

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