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Relief from the Desk Job

Relief from the Desk Job

Elements Massage Gilbert

In this day and age, most business is conducted from a seated position, in a chair. Whether on an airplane, talking on the phone, at a desk or in front of a computer, the fact of the matter is that most people’s jobs require them to sit over extended periods of time. The damage this inflicts on the body is severe.

From tension headaches to migraines, chronic back pain to stiff wrists, the list goes on when it comes to ‘desk job’ injuries. To help combat this mode of operation, regular massage therapy sessions can be of great help.

How it Works

By reinforcing the natural movements of your body that have been missing over the course of the work day massage can help counter the slumped keyboard posture. Through elongating posture, stretching muscles, and kneading out any areas of tension, massage can restore the range of motion where it is missing. Additionally massage boosts circulation, which helps stimulate blood and lymph to bolster your immune system, encourage recovery, and promote the engagement of your central nervous system to avoid that afternoon fatigue or brain slump!

Other Problems
Several other health related issues that stem from lack of movement include:

High blood pressure

Neck and spine alignment issues

Elevated blood sugar

Elevated cholesterol

Increased risk for cardiovascular disease

Excess body fat


Muscle knots

How to Counter
Besides regular massage therapy sessions, you can take additional measures to offset the unhealthy nature of sitting all day, everyday. Try making a point of getting up and stretching at least once every hour (set an alarm on your phone or calendar if you have to!) and incorporate a walk outside every day around lunch to stretch your legs and get vitamin D. You can also park far away and force yourself to walk to work, or better yet, take the stairs every time instead of the elevator! There are plenty of opportunities to get in a little bit of movement in throughout your day, you just have to get creative!

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