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Encouraging Calm

Encouraging Calm

Elements Massage Gilbert

These days, it seems that everyone is trying to figure out better ways to be calmer and more centered. Whether it’s to fight off stressors at work, combat the never-ending to-do list, or to just feel more alive, encouraging an ability to live in the present moment and find your calm is key.

But modern life is set up with so many obstacles. From ever-present technology to the demands to be busy, hitting the pause button to reflect on each day is complicated. At Elements Massage Gilbert, however, we can help. By implementing healthy coping mechanisms, navigating the stressful contemporary world is easier. Here are a few of our favorite ways of encouraging a deep sense of inner peace:

The Power of the Daily Ritual
Tuning into actions that you like to do daily like drinking a cup of coffee or brushing your teeth are ways to tether a sense of here and now. Instead of mindlessly daydreaming or fretting about your future to-do list, take the opportunity to anchor yourself to small, repeatable actions and notice at these times how you are feeling. Can you appreciate the small yet present moment?

Go Outside
Each and every day, make it a priority to catch some sun and spend some time outdoors. Whether a quick walk in the morning, an evening stroll to unwind, or just eating a meal outside, getting into a more natural environment is an excellent way to make room for more calm.

Positive Affirmations
This one is harder to do than you’d think but try and develop the habit of talking to yourself like you would a best friend. That means being encouraging, sympathetic, and kind. Whether setting an alarm on your phone or posting notes to your bathroom mirror, whatever you have to do, just locate a reason to talk positively to yourself.

ne of the best ways to rejuvenate and refresh your system is to nurture your mind and body connection. With massage, you can harness the application of pressure, touch, and movement to induce a deep state of relation. Restore your sense of calm by tapping into the non-pharmacological benefits of massage.

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