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Elements Massage 12920 W Bluemound Rd
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12920 W Bluemound Rd
Elm Grove, WI 53122

Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 9am - 7pm

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One Client's Story: Massage for Stress

One Client's Story: Massage for Stress


Massage is known for providing pain relief, muscle relaxation and rejuvenation for various diseases, conditions and injuries. But, you don’t have to suffer from a major ailment to enjoy the many benefits associated with massage. Albert Jordan, for instance, leads a pretty typical lifestyle where he works in an office, likes to play golf in the summer and exercises when time allows. To help relieve the daily pressures, stress and muscle tension that builds up over time, Albert turns to regular massage therapy sessions for relaxation and relief.

“You don’t even have to have anything wrong with you to get all of the benefits of massage,” explains Albert. “It’s a way to cope with life and everything we all deal with every day. I not only get massages for relaxation, but it also helps with range of motion when I golf in the summer and if I’ve been working out, it’s a good opportunity to get extra attention in my sore muscles as well.”

Working in the healthcare industry, Albert is seeing the trend move toward a more holistic approach to health and wellness. On an intellectual level, he understands and appreciates that massage helps the body heal and repair by increasing circulation, releasing tension and promoting relaxation. Personally, Albert uses massage as a beneficial treatment to take care of himself both mentally and physically.

“You’re a lot more effective person and better off in your life if you take time out for yourself,” shares Albert. “I think that if you go and get just one massage, then you’ll get hooked. You just need to go once, have trust in the process and find a good therapist that listens to what you need.”

“Overall, my experience at Elements has been great because all of the therapists are attentive to not only what I’m saying, but also to what I’m not saying. They also pay attention to how my body reacts during the session,” continues Albert.

Albert specifically enjoys deeper pressure massage that focuses on his shoulders, traps, neck and back areas – all of which are areas that tend to collect a lot of tension and stress. Albert has visited various Elements studios over the years, but most recently he enjoys receiving massages from Callan Hegge, massage therapist at Elements Edina, who uses a mix of deep tissue massage and Swedish relaxation techniques to loosen Albert’s muscles, while relaxing his mind.

“Most people don’t have enough body awareness about themselves and massage can really help with that too,” explains Callan. “You really start to know and feel what’s going on with yourself when you have someone working on you. Massage gives you the pause in life to let you have someone else give you a new perspective on what your body may be going through.”

After receiving a relaxing massage from Callan, Albert also tries to schedule downtime after his session to have some quiet time for himself. Even if it’s just listening to music in a quiet setting, he finds value in finding time for stillness in his life. And, following a massage seems to be a great time to incorporate a state of stillness and quiet time.

“I try to spend time in a quiet place on a regular basis,” shares Albert. “I try to set up my massage so I have a window outside of the appointment to have some quiet time right after. In doing that, I get more bang for the buck. You’re already in a place where your body is relaxed and more receptive to being in that type of quiet state.”

Going forward, Albert will continue to look forward to receiving massages from Callan so he can take time out for himself to reset his mind, loosen his muscles and enjoy the overall benefits of regular relaxing massage therapy sessions.

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